Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

One of the very important things that we need to be aware of when dealing with guests and customers is, we need to be aware of every single touch point that we have. A touch point is every single time we interact with a client even when it may not be a face-to-face interaction. This is what is known as creating the first impression.

Sometimes something looks so beautiful and so wonderful on the outside, until you immerse yourself in it. It’s like choosing the shiniest apple and after the first bite the taste is rather dry and bitter, this is a huge disappointment as the look doesn’t match the taste. How often do your clients have this kind of experience and what are you doing to prevent this type of experience?

Many businesses offering great products often lack offering great service. It is not about the product it’s about the service rendered that will sell the product. Great customer service will result in customer loyalty and referrals to others about your products. 

Our Customer Service Training will empower you and/or your staff with the tools and skills to make every person who walks through your doors feel like they are welcome and belong and are wanting to sing your praises.

The core subjects that will be covered include:

• Leadership
• Communication
• Types of Customers
• Self Awareness
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