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Deidré Heim, Facilitator / Coach / Mentor 

Deidré Heim, Facilitator / Coach / Mentor 

Deidré is a Visionary Heartist, she is passionate about cultivating positive mindsets and raising the next generation of future leaders.

Her education and experience spans over four decades with a dual career in Business Administration and Accounting Management largely in Consumer Banking and Corporate Finance Management and a Tourism/Hospitality Management career largely in Hotel Operations Management.

She graduated from Gladstone School of Business, Administration and Accounting, Canada in 1983 and went back to school from 2003 to 2005 and graduated with an Honours Diploma in Tourism/Hospitality Management from Sprott Shaw College, Canada.

She worked as a General Manager in Hotel Operations and worked with Fairmont Hotels, IHG, Hilton and Sandman Hotel Group, Starbucks. After a successful dual career of assisting large corporations to reach their revenue and growth targets and implementing best guest customer service training standards Deidré moved on and currently operates her own businesses.

She is an Executive Partner Director of Iron Wood Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Iron Wood Training Academy. She works as a Hospitality Management Consultant, Executive Business Management Mentor and Personal Coach, Facilitator and is the Founder of BLOOM Foundation.

BLOOM Foundation works with students, teachers and young adults in disadvantaged communities, offering them soft skills training, career planning and development and job readiness skills. The Bloom Training Program was developed and a pilot was initiated in April 2022 to high school students in Grades 10 to 12 at one high school. The program quickly gained traction and recognition of need. In 2023 we included Grades 8 and 9 and more schools are being added to the program.

Deidré further fulfils her passion by offering training, coaching, and advising individuals and the corporate industry on daily operations management, process and systems implementation and the introduction of Emotional Intelligence Training (EQ vs IQ).

‘There is an urgent need to bring awareness of the requirement of soft skills development for today’s youth and future leaders; many are battling with current lifestyle options and choices, work and economic environments and as a global world facing the rise of artificial intelligence technology. 

Jason Sandler, Facilitator / Speaker / Author

Jason Sandler, Facilitator / Speaker / Author

Jason has an overwhelming passion to help empower people through the power of their own minds. Through educating them with the practical skills that will carry them forward in their lives. He is an extremely strong believer in being a “Life Long Learner” and is continually striving to up-skill himself and others.
Jason's post-Matric journey took him into the hospitality world.

He graduated from SIlwood Kitchens with the Grand Diploma Cordon Bleu, then entered the hotel and restaurant industry. Like so many chefs before him, he wanted to own his own place and chose to further his studies by qualifying as a Food and Beverage Manager. Jason worked at Southern Sun and Sun International Hotels. Then deciding to move on to smaller and more exclusive restaurants.

In 1992 he embarked on his own mission and started his own businesses, owning and running a Deli; Bakery; Coffee Shop, Restuarant and Commercial Kitchen, all being successful.

In 2001 he was involved in a terrible motor vehicle accident which put an end to working any commercial kitchen.

Due to his disability, Jason decided to leave the industry and moved onto study amongst other things Counseling, Hypnosis and NLP. After 8 years he realised how much he was missing the hospitality industry and found the best way back was through training. Something he was doing continually with his staff when he owned his own businesses. During his time working as a therapist, coach and mentor he wrote and published a book - From Stress to Success; the A to Z of Stress Management. Yes it is available as an ebook on Amazon.

Jason found his new home when he became an Executive Partner Director of Iron Wood Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Iron Wood Training Academy. He works as the head facilitator; skills development and training director.
Through the workshops, Jason is able to fulfil his passion of working with people by creating a skill set that will benefit them.
His focuses on making all his training both fun and interactive, allowing his passion really does shine through.
Jason also does work one-on-one mentoring, counselling and coaching guiding the attendees to reach their full potential and overcome stumbling blocks in their lives.

His key focus is on hospitality skills and essential soft skills, often working within the model of the Bloom Foundation which is primarily aimed at teachers and high school learners in previously disadvantaged communities.

Jason lives by the JK Rowling quote “We all have the magic inside us; some of us just need guidance to find it.”  

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