Our Values

To Nurture Knowledge
To Empower Human Connection
To Inspire Growth


We provide a broad scope of skills development and training courses; along with business management services that are inclusive and diverse and fosters a platform where you can grow and stretch yourself or your organization to make a positive impact in your environment.
We are an independent international career training academy, offering certificate programs and courses that are designed to teach you practical skills and inspire your creativity. All our courses are taught by industry professionals, with experience both in and out of the classroom, focusing heavily on hands-on experience to give you the best education possible. 


To commit our shared values of humanity, education, passion, and purpose for the success of human life.


To create value for our customers by delivering training solutions that power relationships to be at optimum capacity.


• Small Class Sizes
• Learning Tailored to Industry Standards that Compliments Your Style and Needs
• The Opportunity to Work with Industry Professionals
• We Teach you the Skills to Work in a Real-life Work Environment
• Our Concentrated Condensed Programs Help You be Job Ready Sooner
• Affordable Rates Designed to Offer Training to Everyone


We provide a learning platform where you can explore new ways of thinking and experience your maximum growth and development potential to aid your future success.
Our courses and programs assist employers in providing appropriate skills training to the growth and development of the employees.
With the right training, your employees can help your business grow and move into new service areas in the most dynamic sectors of Cape Town’s economy.

Iron Wood Holdings (Pty) Ltd

To Nurture Knowledge
To Empower Human Connection
To Inspire Growth

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